Hi Everyone,

If I am your insurance agent (or even if I am not), here is a list of company claims numbers should you need it:

Nationwide: 800.421.3535

United Property & Casualty (UPC): 888.256.337 6

Universal Property & Casualty: 800.470.0599

Florida Family Insurance: 888.486.4663

Florida Peninsula: 866.549.9672

Liberty Mutual: 844.339.5299

Bankers Insurance: 800.765.9700

Heritage Property & Casualty: 855.415.7120

SafeCo: 800.332.3226

Security First: 877.581.4862

Travelers: 800.252.4633

Hagerty: 800.747.5348

Lexington: 800.931.9546

Progressive: 800.274.4499

Mercury: 800.503.3724

Guard(Berkshire Hathaway): 800.673.2465

If you have questions about your policy, email me at

Also as a precaution, take photos and/or videos of your homes interior and exterior before the storm.

Be safe, we'll make it through this storm just like we make it through every storm!